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Designer Sarees Online Shopping

  • June 28, 2018

    Designer Sarees Online Shopping

    Designer Sarees, Batik and the Traditional Art of Dyeing

    Designer Sarees, Batik and the Traditional Art of DyeingThe age-old Batik Printed sarees with intricate designs are still a fad. To collect them, one has to indulge themselves in Designer Sarees Online Shopping.

    What is Batik?

    A batik is an antiquated form of art that involves creating fascinating patterns on fabric by the alternating use of molten wax and colour dyes. The wax is used to block out selected areas of the fabric. When the fabric is dyed, the portions covered in wax resist the dye and retain their original colour. This process of waxing followed by dyeing can be repeated on the same fabric with different colours to create elaborate and vibrant designs. Batik-painted fabrics are widely used to make sarees, garments, furnishings as well as decorative pieces of art. There are various ways to explore on the internet and Buy Designer Sarees Online. But for that one has to search extensively.

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