Q. What are the different payment options available for this site?

We accept payment via diverse online modes. You can pay via credit and debit cards, net-banking.

Q. How will I place the order on this site?

You will have to login first for placing any order. Then make the selection and move to the next steps one by one to finally place the order at website: https://www.vibhavarifashion.com/

Q. What will I do if my payment fails?

Please try to pay again after you are sure that your entered information is right including your account details, passwords, and billing addresses. If your payment fails again then you can just wait for sometimes and retry later.

If your payment is debited after the payment failure then the amount will be surely credited back to your account within 7-10 working days after we have received the confirmation.

Q. What is the meaning of No Price or Zero Price of a product?

In case of the products with zero price or no price, just keep in mind that you have to fill up the ‘Price on request’ enquiry form first. This also means that even if your order for a product with zero price then your order will be considered as an enquiry by us regarding the product.

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